October 2018   
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Mission of the Month

In March, our mission focus will expand greatly - from our own community to projects all around the world. One Great Hour of Sharing is the single largest way that Presbyterians come together every year to work for a better world.

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance works alongside communities as they recover and find hope after the devastation of natural or human-caused disasters and support for refuges.
  • Presbyterian Hunger Program takes action to alleviate hunger, care for creation, and address the systemic causes of poverty, so all may be fed.
  • Self-Development of People partners with communities responding to their experiences of oppression, poverty and injustice and educates Presbyterians about the impact of these issues.

Thanks to your heartfelt gifts, One Great Hour of Sharing currently supports projects in over 100 countries. If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot! Donate on our donations page (or http://www.arcatapresbyterian.org/donateand note "GREAT!" to make your online donation!