Gary Ross is the music director and, as such, leads the chancel choir and facilitates the sharing of special music. He arranges special and appropriate music for Advent and Lent. He selects all introits, anthems, special music and choral responses for the worship service.

The music director, with the pastor and music/worship committee, plan the music program to meet the musical needs of the congregation.

Gary has been a music teacher for many years, currently in McKinleyville School District, a position that includes instrumental and choral instruction. He also plays trumpet and piano.

Dixieland Sunday is one of several special programs. The service features a local all-star Dixieland band led by tubist Fred Tempas.  The chancel choir, directed by Gary Ross, performs an anthem with the band.  The band accompanies the congregation on all hymns as well as provides the offertory and concludes with "When the Saints Go Marchin' In."

Easter Sunday features a brass group playing jubilant music as well as performing with the chancel choir.

Marion Nyquist is the pianist and accompanies the chancel choir. Before moving to Humboldt County, Marion was a high school accompanist as well as accompanist in a large church. She is a member of the music/worship committee.

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