Children's Ministries

Childrens Ministries


At “First Pres Arcata,” family is first. Our congregation is a family that knows and cares for one another. We also cherish the families within our congregation--and especially the children.                                                                                                     




At First Pres, we consider the sounds of children in our services to be the blessings of God. Whether it is the sound of a baby fussing or a toddler singing by herself during announcements or a first-grader dropping coins or some 10-year-olds giggling about a joke only they understand, those sounds remind us of God’s goodness. Those sounds of children contribute joy to our worship.                                             

                                                                                                                                                            Each Sunday morning, after the choir sings, the children come   forward to hear the children's message. For many in the   congregation, this time with the children is their favorite part of  the service. Children are encouraged to share their ideas -- and surprises are guaranteed.   At this time the children are encouraged to join the Sunday School leaders for music, stories and crafts.