Redwood Rangers 124



Redwood Rangers 124 is a new scout troop that is quite different from the traditional gender-based scout groups.

The 124 Redwood Rangers are a branch of the Baden-Powell Association. The Association was created in England and made its way to the US in 2006 as the first all-inclusive scouting group.

Dan Bixler started the Humboldt Branch.

"Its a monthly commitment to go outdoors and service projects," Bixler said.

The troop is inclusive of all genders, ages, and economic statuses with yearly fees of less than $100. People only need to buy a certain color T-shirt to join. Bandanas and patches are provided by the group.

Bixler said the organization focuses on inclusiveness."Boys or girls or transgender or gay or whatever you want can be involved in learning outdoor skills."

The 124 Redwood Rangers are named after the 124 longitude which is the farthest western point a person can go to in the U.S. and also happens to be in Humboldt County.

According to Bixler the group is not only different from traditional scout groups in their inclusiveness.

"We don't do the cookies," Bixler said. "We might do some fundraising, but really what we're trying to do is service projects and teach kids responsibility."

For more information, check out the 124 Redwood Rangers Facebook Page or the troop website 124 Redwood