Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle at Home and at Work

Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle at Home and at Work


Donate to a charity or sell old clothes, furniture, toys or appliances. Most especially, the furniture can be sold in ads connected to social media aps and garage sales. There are times when one needs to change their furniture. Instead of throwing away this furniture, which can be useful to another person, it can instead be sold to those willing to buy or donate to various institutions or individuals who require them most.

Use old clothes for rags for cleaning around the house, instead of paper towels.

Ditch the plastic wrap, small plastic bags, and aluminum foil when possible. Instead, opt for reusable food containers, washable fabric pouches (great for dry nibbles like popcorn and nuts), and reusable food wraps.

Buy e-books instead of paper books, unless it is a reference book you will need if the power goes out. Organize your e-books for easy browsing and searching. Use the library for books you don’t want or need to own.

Do your best to stop your junk mail.

Use a lunchbox and reusable snack bags to pack lunches.



Instead of using paper cups or bottled water, use coffee mugs or personal water bottles. The coffee mugs and personal water bottles are portable and can be reused every time. However, the plastic cups/bottled water has to be thrown away after each use, thus increasing the amount of waste to be disposed of.

Adopt the use of recycled paper for copier paper by printing on BOTH SIDES when possible. It saves money and resources.



Switch to rechargeable batteries anywhere you can.

Organize! This is an Upcycle Station where unused office supplies can be seen and used before something new is purchased. Organizing rarely used items at home is an excellent way to save frustation and money!