Children's Ministries


In Sunday school, children learn about the bible, how to respect others, and what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus.  We make it fun by holding special events and associating with Redwood Rangers 124!



after Church on November 7, 2021





The Redwood Rangers offers traditional scouting for everyone through the Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) locally in Humboldt County since 2017.  You can learn more about the BPSA worldwide program by checking out their website;

The phrase, “traditional scouting” refers to a back-to-basics scouting movement based on the original principles and methods devised by scouting’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell.

The BPSA traditional scouting program is for youth and adults of all genders with open and progressive membership policies that disallow any and all discrimination. Our aim is to promote good citizenship, discipline, self-reliance, loyalty, and useful skills. We do not discriminate or exclude anyone on the basis of gender identity, race, nation of origin, religion (or no religion), sexual orientation, class, ability, or any other differentiating characteristics.

We organize monthly group meet ups that include camping, boating/rafting, service projects and skill building.  Once a month, the smaller group programs meetup to connect and work on badges.  You can view our calendar to stay updated on events.  We also recommend following us on Facebook.


  • Come and check us out in-person.  We encourage interested scouts & adults to come to 1-2 activities before requiring registration.  We have whole group meet ups 1x per month and program (otter, timberwolf & pathfinder) meet ups 1x per month. You can find out dates by checking out the calendar or FB Group page.
  • Join our active FB Group page @124redwoodrangers and ask questions!
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